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Amazonite crystal benefits

Amazonite crystal benefits

Metaphysical Qualities


Amazonite, often referred to as the Stone of Courage or the Stone of Truthfulness, possesses a profound nexus with the serene aura of nature. The enticing allure of its soft-green coloration, a subtle nod to the waters of the Amazon River, sparked wonder and adoration among ancient cultures and remains cherished for its aesthetical appeal and therapeutic effects. Celebrated among those practicing crystal-healing for its heart chakra-activating qualities, it encourages self-discovery and a deeper understanding of others. Join us as we immerse ourselves in a comprehensive examination of Amazonite and its magical characteristics.

Chakra: Anahata (Heart Chakra)
Zodiac: Virgo
Planet: Uranus
Element: Water
Color: Light Green
Number: Five

Metaphysical Qualities

The Amazonite crystal is noteworthy for its distinct characteristics, closely relating to:

  • Honesty and uprightness
  • Emotional recuperation and equilibrium
  • Mitigation of stress
  • Effective communication and vivid articulation
  • Promotion of affectionate exchanges

Impact on the Body?

The vibrant energies of the Amazonite Crytal are thought to bring significant benefits to the human body. Its calming energies are known to soothe mental chaos, decreasing stress and curbing panic episodes. Furthermore, Amazonite fosters clear, affectionate conversation, assisting the wearer in articulating thoughts and feelings authentically and forthrightly. Moreover, Amazonite aligns the spiritual and corporeal entities, and this resultant equilibrium facilitates better health and abundant energy.


To retain your Amazonite’s power, regular and correct cleansing is crucial. Luckily, Amazonite can be safely cleaned using water, achievable by simply submerging the crystal under a flowing water tap for several minutes. An alternative energetic cleansing method involves embedding the crystal in a container full of brown rice, which acts to absorb any negative energy. After 24 hours, responsibly discard the cleaning rice. Be aware, this rice should not be utilized for consumption afterward.


Finally, the Amazonite crystal’s reputation in the sphere of crystal healing is not without merit. Thanks to its varied and potent energies, which encourages inner tranquility, harmony, and lucid conversation, it is a valuable tool for anyone embarking on a spiritual quest. Regardless of your experience level, the Amazonite crystal is truly a marvel of potent complexity, aesthetic delight, and versatile metaphysical attributes that are undoubtedly worth investigating.

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