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Carnelian is a mineral of 🔥passion and 🌊energy. It guarantees a 🙂good mood, emotional ease. Encourages to act here and now.
Jewelries with Carnelian are especially suitable for 💃women. They are rewarded with 💗sexuality, playfulness, 💥vitality. Therefore, it is a great 🎁gift for a beloved.

This mineral has 12 characteristics:

🟠Removes blockages that hinder creativity, self-expression;
🟠Helps to relax, calm down:
🟠Attracts true love. Love amulets are often made from this stone;
🟠Cleans the skin, regenerates its cells. It becomes more youthful, refreshing;
🟠Strongly arouses passion and sexuality;
🟠Helps pregnant women to successfully give a birth;
🟠Neutralizes cysts around the fallopian tubes;
🟠Normalizes blood pressure;
🟠Cleans the blood;
🟠Helps to solve complex problems easily;
🟠Awakens talents;
🟠Protects against dangers when traveling.

Stretch cords of bracelets in supply have a 6-month quality warranty.
🔥If you do not feel any change after wearing Carnelian bracelet every day for a month, you will be able to RETURN it within 30 days, taking back all the money paid.

🎯Make an order and test the power of the stones!

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