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Howlite crystal benefits

Howlite crystal benefits


Embodying ‍the tranquil allure and understated elegance⁣ of white, the ⁤Howlite gem is acclaimed ‌for its​ association with calm and wisdom. The striking stone hails from the USA,‍ its‍ rich texture reminiscent of a serene, snow-capped range defines its inherent​ promise of peace within‌ chaos. The stone owes‌ its moniker to the Canadian scientist trio – Henry How, a chemist, geologist, and ⁣a mineralogist who unearthed ‌it. The Howlite stone is celebrated for​ its serene energies that aid in emotional articulation ⁤and character enhancement, its distinctive milky white structure dotted with unique markings that serve to inspire peace internally, fuel spiritual understanding, and mitigate stress.

Chakra: Crown Chakra ⁤(Sahasrara)
Zodiac: Gemini
Planet: Moon
Element: Air
Color: SteelBlue, SlateGray
Number: Two

Metaphysical Properties

  • Encourages the pursuit of wisdom and ⁣learning
  • Facilitates ‍the release of emotional⁢ attachments related to past suffering
  • Aids in pacifying an overwrought or overactive⁤ mind
  • Promotes deep, restorative sleep
  • Soothes the mind, dispelling anxiety and stress
  • Enhances memory and the thirst for knowledge

Impact on the Body

Apart from its metaphysical attributes, the Howlite​ stone also has a significant impact on the‍ human body. It is revered for its potential to maintain balanced calcium levels, resulting in robust teeth, bones, and⁤ soft⁣ tissues. Furthermore, recognized⁢ for soothing skin irritations and ⁣promoting the optimal functioning ⁣of the circulatory system. Plus, it’s reputed for its role in regulating metabolism, enabling the body to effectively ⁤utilize the stored ⁣fat deposits.


Cleansing and recharging are crucial steps in preserving the energy of the Howlite stone. Howlite should be cleansed fortnightly to dispel any negative energy. Seeing that this stone is porous, immersing it in water might lead to color loss so, ideally, cleanse it by leaving it overnight ​in a bowl of dry‌ brown rice.⁢ Alternatives to‍ cleanse this crystal include smudging with sage or moonlight bathing.


In summary, the Howlite crystal is a remarkable‍ gem that symbolizes the bridge between the physical and the divine.⁣ Its tranquilizing energy envelops those it touches, soothing disruptive emotions, pacifying agitated ⁢minds, and opening the doors to enlightenment. Possessing ⁣this gem in one’s vicinity is akin to having a personal, spiritual guide, pirouetting ⁢the wheel to delve into the deepest corners of your soul.

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