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Lava Stone crystal benefits

Lava Stone crystal benefits


Basalt, better known as Lava Stone or Lava Rock, is a time-tested material that finds its origin in numerous cultures across time and space. Sourced from raw vitality inside the earth’s crust and steeped in fiery warmth, this stone is a symbolic representation of rebirth. Lava Stone, known for its grounding traits, helps balance emotional upheaval with spiritual progression. Let’s delve into the specifics of this unique stone’s properties.

Chakra: Root Chakra (Muladhara)
Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer
Planet: Earth
Element: Fire
Color: Black, Brown
Number: 1

Features and advantages

  • Enhances connection to Mother Earth
  • Encourages feelings of resilience and bravery
  • Promotes stability and grounds the body
  • Fuels creativity
  • Augments basic survival instincts
  • Helps disperse anger offering guidance and understanding
  • Brings about positive change in behavioral issues
  • Aids in recognizing and letting go of unserviceable emotional patterns

How it influences the body?

The tangible and emotional stability provided by Lava Stone positively impacts the body. It effectively manages the strong emotions arising from inconsistencies or upheavals. It serves as a stronghold for individuals undergoing anxiety or depression. Given the unpredictable and chaotic trends of contemporary life, the grounding features of Lava Stone are a source of strength. It empowers us to handle otherwise suppressed raw emotions, reestablishing balance and offering a sense of security under challenging circumstances.


Cleansing Lava Stones involves a simple washing process with warm soapy water. It is essential, however, to rinse thoroughly to avoid any soap remnants that could tamper with the stone’s energy. A couple of hours of sun exposure also serves to cleanse them. Alternatively, an overnight burial in a bowl of brown rice helps. Other effective methods include Sound Healing, Reiki, and visualization for thorough energy cleansing of these stones.


The Lava Stone, in essence, is a potent grounding stone that strengthens our relationship with the earth. It delivers resilience and robustness amid times of change and aids in dispersing anger, leading to settled direction. The healing concentrations of this stone promise stability, guide in making positive life alterations, and provide emotional clarity during difficult times. Whether you are attracted to its symbolic representation of the inner fire or its grounding traits, the Lava Stone is undoubtedly a valuable addition to your array of earth elements.

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