Certified Stone Bracelets

Thousands of years ago people discovered colourful minerals on Earth. Soon they realized these were not only beautiful stones, but also crystals with different energies and powers 💎
Today we already know stones
improve 👫relationships, ☀mood,
help find solutions in difficult situations,
🌬inspirate energy and motivation to act,
attract 👍luck, 🧺prosperity, 💵money, 💓true love,
🛡protect us and do other good deeds🌈
Bracelets in supply I wear myself every day, so I can guarantee that the stretch cord will last a long time. They have a 6 month warranty❗
Each bracelet is hand-cut according to individual orders. I use only large crystals, about 10 mm, so that the effect of the stones can be felt quickly and with high quality.
🔹Looking for a gift for a loved one❔
🔹Thinking about how to complement your style❔
🔹Want to test the energy power of the stones❔
Beautiful stone bracelets are a beautiful choice for You!🤗

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