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Black Obsidian crystal benefits

Black Obsidian crystal benefits


The ‘Volcanic Glass,’ known as ‍Black Obsidian due to its origin, is quite distinctive for its intriguing⁢ charm that has piqued the curiosity ⁤of crystal enthusiasts over the centuries. Born⁣ out of rapidly⁢ cooling⁢ lava from‌ a volcano, this stone, characterized by a ​deep, shiny black hue, stands as a ⁤metaphor ​for the ‌earth’s unalterable and profound depths. Popular ‌in many metaphysical practices due to ‍its connection with grounding​ and protection, black obsidian offers distinct crystal advantages that resonate with both physical and spiritual realms.

Chakra: Root Chakra ⁢(Muladhara)
Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius,⁤ Capricorn
Planet: Pluto
Element: Earth/Fire
Color: Black
Number: N/A

Metaphysical ⁣Properties

‌ The metaphysical properties of Black obsidian form an intriguing array,‍ characterized by:

  • Shield against negative ⁢energy
  • Fostering a close bond with the earth
  • Unveiling of​ deceit
  • Encouragement of ⁣emotional ⁣healing and resilience
  • Serving as​ an aid in meditation for heightened self-awareness and insight

Impact on‌ the Body

Black Obsidian is ‍believed to have a body-positive impact‍ at the physiological ⁤level. It’s thought to stimulate⁢ digestion, support detoxification, and boost circulation, ultimately offering a healthier complexion. Moreover, it can help alleviate joint pain and cramps. Healers employ it to tackle issues⁣ of the‍ skeletal and vascular ⁢systems, exemplifying its holistic contribution to our physical well-being.


Black⁢ Obsidian, like other crystals, needs cleaning to rid it​ of any ‍energy debris that it may have absorbed. ⁢Various cleaning methods include smudging with herbs like sage ⁤or palo santo or bathing it ⁤under natural rain. However, some ⁢obsidian pieces may contain inclusions sensitive to water, warranting that piece’s compatibility with water before cleaning. Charging can be ⁣achieved by burying the crystal in ⁢the soil or juxtaposing it against a larger quartz cluster.


Black Obsidian is ⁢a truly empowering ​and remarkable ⁢stone. Its plethora of metaphysical⁤ properties,​ combined​ with potent grounding and protective vibrations, make it a much treasured element in each​ crystal enthusiast’s collection. While ‍its prime attribute‍ lies⁣ in shielding against negative⁤ energies, its prospective contribution towards physical healing⁣ only adds ‍to‌ its soaring popularity. With careful maintenance, black‌ obsidian can prove to be an⁤ enduring healing partner, symbolizing the powerful, unbreakable bond held between​ humans‌ and earth’s stones.

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