Clear Quartz

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💎Clear Quartz is a versatile, energetically strong stone that is suitable for every 🙋‍♂️person. Acts as a 🧿talisman. Transparent stones absorb all the negative energy in the environment or in a person, replace it by radiating ☯light, good energy.
This mineral heals the pain of 💔separation or divorce, wounds of the soul, and protects from hopeless love.

Clear Quartz has 12 properties:

⚪Relieves the pain of separation or divorce;
⚪Heals the wounds of the soul;
⚪Protects against desperate, hopeless love;
⚪Absorbs negative forces, which are replaced by positive transparent energy;
⚪Portable with other stones, cleanses and enhances their energy;
⚪Helps to concentrate;
⚪Strengthens intuition;
⚪Cleans the soul, clarifies thoughts;
⚪Provides peace;
⚪Provides spiritual balance;
⚪Protects against nightmares;
⚪Helps to regain strength.

Stretch cords of bracelets in supply have a 6-month quality warranty.
🔘If you do not feel any change after wearing Clear Quartz bracelet every day for a month, you will be able to RETURN it within 30 days, taking back all the money paid.

🎯Make an order and test the power of the stones!

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