Nephrite (Jade)

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🌍Viable green Nephrite (Jade) is a powerful Earth energy stone that protects against astral aggression. It fills you with ☀inner peace, fights with 😔depressed moods, ⚡tension and permanent anxiety.

Nephrite (Jade) minerals have as many as 12 energy properties:

🟢Transforms negative energies into positive ones;
🟢Motivates to act;
🟢Provides peace, silence of thought;
🟢Helps to value life more;
🟢Keeps you calm in the most important moments of life;
🟢Increases self-confidence;
🟢Allows you to see and believe in your potential in professional, personal, spiritual life;
🟢Changes the inner and outer world;
🟢Helps to discover your own way and go for it;
🟢Expands awareness and worldview, allows to accept new knowledge, to develop spiritually;
🟢Protects against fatigue, failures, prolongs life;
🟢Promotes meaningful communication.

Stretch cords of bracelets in supply have a 6-month quality warranty.
💫If you do not feel any change after wearing Nephrite (Jade) bracelet every day for a month, you will be able to RETURN it within 30 days, taking back all the money paid.

🎯Make an order and test the power of the stones!

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