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Rhodochrosite, which radiates energy of 🪐Mars, is a stone that attracts unselfish 💗love and ⚖balance in life. It teaches to open up and love. Stimulates 🎨creativity, inspires 🏄‍♂energy. Heals physical and 💔emotional injuries.

Pink Rhodochrosite stones have as many as 14 properties:

🎀Attracts true love;
🎀Balances life;
🎀Teaches to open for people and the world;
🎀Brings new energy, vitality;
🎀Lifts the mood;
🎀 Facilitates work;
🎀Dispels fears, does not allow to give up;
🎀Helps to survive changes, to accept reality;
🎀Promotes forgiveness and tolerance;
🎀Heals physical and emotional injuries;
🎀Cleans the kidneys;
🎀Destroys routine;
🎀Treats migraine;
🎀Releases from nightmares.

Stretch cords of bracelets in supply have a 6-month quality warranty.
🌳If you do not feel any change after wearing Rhodochrosite bracelet every day for a month, you will be able to RETURN it within 30 days, taking back all the money paid.

🎯Make an order and test the power of the stones!

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