Red Jasper

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🔥The element of the fire element, Red Jasper, gives will, determination in decisions and actions. Due to its dense structure and durability, it was used in the manufacture of weapons, household, jewelry.

🔴Reduces stress;
🔴Clears negative energies from the body and the environment;
🔴Increases concentration;
🔴Does not allow to forget dreams;
🔴Releases from blockades and influences created by other people;
🔴Provides satisfaction in marriage;
🔴Allows to eliminate accumulated anger;
🔴Protects against physical disasters;
🔴Promotes responsibility for your decisions;
🔴Protects in the event of imminent danger;
🔴Promotes inner harmony;
🔴Suitable for astral travels.

Stretch cords of bracelets in supply have a 6-month quality warranty.
⭕If you do not feel any change after wearing Red Jasper bracelet every day for a month, you will be able to RETURN it within 30 days, taking back all the money paid.

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