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Black Tourmaline crystal benefits

Black Tourmaline crystal benefits


Recognized often as Schorl, the Black Tourmaline stone is a fascinating mineral symbolizing endurance, safeguarding, and grounding. It’s widely acknowledged for its cleansing characteristics and commonly used as a fortress against harmful vibrations. The Black Tourmaline is a cornerstone in the realm of crystal therapy because of its potent and transformative energy. This gemstone is believed to merge the human spirit with Earth, balancing the body’s energy points and assisting in the expulsion of energy hindrances.

Chakra: Root Chakra (Muladhara)
Zodiac: Capricorn
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Color: Black

Metaphysical properties

The Black Tourmaline is esteemed for an array of metaphysical attributes:

  • Purifies Destructive Vibrations
  • Shields Against Radiation and Environmental Contaminants
  • Bolsters Emotional Equilibrium and Stability
  • Encourages a Feeling of Power and Self-Assurance
  • Assists in Comprehending Self and Others
  • Fosters Emotional Restoration

How it affects the body?

Black Tourmaline is thought to empower the immune system and strengthen the body’s resistance against illnesses. It has a soothing effect, alleviating stress, anxiety, and physical tension. It’s known for aligning our body’s energy points, fostering balance, and wellness. The grounding attribute of Black Tourmaline aids in alleviating chronic fatigue and enhancing vitality. It’s also believed to facilitate the body’s detoxification mechanisms.


It’s vital to ensure your Black Tourmaline crystal remains energetically clean. To cleanse your gem, bury it in the earth for a night. This method draws upon earth’s energy, revitalizing the stone naturally. Additionally, using sound or smudging with sage can cleanse it energetically. Nevertheless, refrain from cleansing Black Tourmaline with water as it can degrade the stone over time.


Summing up, Black Tourmaline is an intriguing, multifaceted crystal with a multitude of uses in energy healing. Its protective attributes coupled with grounding effects make it a precious gemstone for individuals delving into spiritual development, finding emotional equilibrium, or developing self-confidence. Regardless of you being a novice or an experienced crystal enthusiast, Black Tourmaline promises immense advantages that can supplement an elevating and transformative spiritual healing journey.

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