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Bloodstone crystal benefits

Bloodstone crystal benefits


The stone of courage,⁣ bloodstone, holds a great reputation as ​a potent healing crystal. Rich in history and brimming with benefits, it has continually attracted individuals throughout centuries. This intriguing crystal is intimately linked to the Root Chakra, commonly known as Muladhara, providing courage, vitality and leading the possessor towards self-exploration. Harmonizing perfectly with certain Zodiac signs, resonating with distinct numerical values, and aligning​ with specific elemental energies, bloodstone presents an intricate mixture of characteristics. Coupling appealing hues and fascinating lore, this stone claims ‌a unique space in crystal studies. Let’s delve deeper into the enchanting world of this compelling ⁣stone.

Chakra: Root Chakra (Muladhara)
Zodiac: Aries, Libra
Planet: Mars
Element: Earth
Color: Deep Green with touches of Red
Number: 4

Metaphysical Properties

  • Shields against unfavourable‌ aura
  • Augments stamina and inherent power
  • Stimulates altruistic behaviors‌ and‍ selfless deeds
  • Amplifies intuitive decision-making abilities
  • Guides⁣ in channeling and sanitizing energies
  • Fuels ambition, confidence,⁣ and bravery

How it influences our physiology?

The bloodstone is credited⁤ for its invigorating effects on human physiology. It revitalizes the physical entity, fosters optimal health, and steps‌ up energy dynamics. Widely recognized for its healing power, it‍ is considered instrumental in fostering blood circulation, harmonizing hormone disturbances, strengthening the immune response, and⁣ soothing‌ skin irritants. This versatile stone aids⁤ in physical rejuvenation, harmonizing emotional states, and enhancing overall health and ​wellness.

Crystal Care

Treating your ​bloodstone crystal with care​ is essential. Smudging with sage, holding it under flowing water, or burying the stone‌ in the ground overnight are profound yet straightforward‍ ways to energetically cleanse it. However, due to the bloodstone’s composition, avoid long-term contact with water as this can​ trigger rusting. Recharge your crystals by bathing them in ‍the soothing light of the moon or placing them atop a‌ selenite slab.


To wrap up, the bloodstone crystal goes beyond merely offering a multitude of benefits; it significantly enhances one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. It’s‌ impressive metaphysical qualities, including heightened protection, increased courage, grounded energy, and increased vitality, ⁢are invaluable. Bloodstone can be a transformative addition to your personal routine, whether you’re a crystal⁤ enthusiast or simply curious. Regular cleansing and​ appropriate‍ care of these crystals are vital to maintain their original potency.

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