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Lapis Lazuli crystal benefits

Lapis Lazuli crystal benefits


Emerging from a⁤ deep azure​ hue, Lapis Lazuli; a ⁣gem befitting⁢ of kings and queens, celebrated, and ‌yearned ‌for throughout the centuries. Lapis Lazuli symbolizes royalty, ​divinity, empowerment, ‍spirituality, vision, ‍wisdom, and⁣ sincerity. This⁤ exquisite stone transcends mere visual beauty. Often referred to as ‘lapis,’ its rich, celestial shade of blue — synonymous‍ with honor, spirit, wisdom, and truth —⁤ commands attention. Regarded for its⁤ embedded​ glimmers of gold, this stone has held allure since ancient times and continues to enchant to this day with its array of‍ potential benefits.

Chakra Zodiac Planet Element Color Number
Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) Sagittarius Venus Water Deep Blue 3

Metaphysical‍ Properties

  • Fosters​ cognitive enhancement while sparking a thirst for knowledge and comprehension.
  • Promotes stress relief in conjunction with⁤ profound peace within.
  • Enhances personal attributes such ⁣as ‍honesty, empathy, ‍and moral integrity.
  • Enlightens one’s perspective while maintaining clarity.
  • Boosts immune system functionality,⁢ enhancing ⁢physical strength and vigor.
  • Encourages consciousness of oneself and ​unabated expression of self.

How it Influences the Physical Body?

Lapis Lazuli’s powers extend beyond metaphysical properties,‍ influencing physical wellbeing ​positively. ‌Known to ⁤invoke tranquillity ‌and serenity, Lapis Lazuli helps alleviate stress and ⁤bring​ quietude to the ⁤mind. This remarkable gemstone reportedly enhances ‍the immune system, purifies ​blood, reduces blood pressure, and eases inflammation. It’s also believed to mitigate insomnia and vertigo, providing⁣ relief ‍from ‍migraines and aiding recovery from ⁤depressive states ​due to its ⁣profound healing properties.


Caring for your Lapis Lazuli requires ⁤mindful handling to prevent scratching or​ damage. Cleaning practices should be gentle, using a soft cloth alongside ⁤diluted soap or purified water. ​Refrain⁢ from ‍exposure to harsh chemicals⁤ or acids. To cleanse and⁤ revive⁢ its energy, some‍ suggest placing the stone under the glow of moonlight.


In summation, Lapis Lazuli is much more than a striking⁣ gemstone. Its⁢ rich heritage,​ coupled with profound metaphysical traits, make‍ it a ​beacon of wisdom, intuition, and ⁤truth. This remarkable gemstone’s role in fostering personal ⁢and spiritual growth, combined with its potential ⁢health benefits,‍ deem it an invaluable ⁢addition to your treasured collection. Proper maintenance of ⁢your Lapis ​Lazuli stone will ensure that its vibrancy⁤ and energetic attributes are retained at their potent peak.

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