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Sagittarius zodiac bracelet

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♐Birthstones associated with the Sagittarius zodiac sign, such as Lava, Rhyolite, Labradorite, Amazonite
♐Sagittarius zodiac bracelets may be made from a variety of materials, such as leather, metal, or beads, depending on the style and preference of the wearer.
♐The bracelet is often worn as a talisman to harness the positive energies of the Sagittarius zodiac sign.
♐We offer a 30-days money back guarantee offer to our customers for helping them make a good purchase.
♐Our 6 months warranty provides durability and security to our clients.


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  •  Size Guide

    Size Guide

    Wrist measurement
    While placing an order, please provide our exact wrist size in centimeters (don’t add an additional centimeter as it will become loose and won’t be comfortable to wear). You can measure in two ways:
    1. With measurement tape – just hug your wrist near the bone, where it will be your bracelet;
    2. With thread and ruler – hug your wrist with thread and then measure the length with a ruler.
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    We're thrilled to offer worldwide shipping, ensuring that our bracelets can reach you no matter where you are. To provide you with peace of mind, all orders are shipped with a tracking number, allowing you to keep tabs on your package's journey until it's in your hands. It's important to note that during sale periods and promotional events, the delivery time might extend beyond the usual timeframe. We appreciate your understanding and patience during these times, as we work diligently to get your orders to you as swiftly as possible. Our shipping approach is designed with your convenience in mind. We present you with a choice between two options: Priority shipping and Express shipping. With Priority shipping, your package will be carefully tracked through trusted carriers like PostNL or Polska, and it's expected to arrive within 9-21 days. This option is priced at $17, allowing you to balance cost and delivery time. For those occasions when time is of the essence, our Express shipping option steps in. This route guarantees delivery through UPS in a swift 4-8 days, ensuring that your bracelets reach you promptly. While this expedited service comes at a rate of $36, its efficiency and speed make it an ideal choice for those who need their orders sooner rather than later. No matter which shipping option you select, we're committed to making sure your bracelets arrive safely and efficiently. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're excited to be part of bringing these exquisite pieces to your doorstep.


    We understand that circumstances may change, and your satisfaction is our top priority. If you find yourself wishing to return your purchased bracelet, we've got you covered. You have a generous window of 30 days from the date of receiving your package to initiate a return. Our commitment to your peace of mind extends beyond the return period. We want you to feel confident in your purchase, so we offer a hassle-free return process. If you decide to return the bracelet within the specified timeframe, you can rest assured that your refund will be processed promptly. Upon receiving the returned bracelet, we prioritize efficiency in the refund process. Within just 2 working days of the bracelet's arrival at our facility, your refund will be processed and initiated. We understand the importance of your time and strive to ensure a seamless experience throughout. It's important to note that while we provide a straightforward return policy, the responsibility for shipping the item back to us lies with the buyer. We recommend using a secure and traceable shipping method to ensure the safe return of the bracelet to our designated return address. We believe in maintaining transparency and fairness in all our dealings, including returns. Our customer support team is available to assist you throughout the return process, addressing any queries or concerns you may have. Thank you for choosing our bracelets, and rest assured that our guarantee and return policy are designed to make your shopping experience with us a positive one, from start to finish.


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    Sagittarius zodiac bracelet

    32.99 $

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    We deliver to your home. Shipping options are Priority or Express depending how fast do you want to receive your bracelets.

    At the time of making the payment, the text at the top says ‘Do you have a discount code? Click here to enter the code’ – click it to enter the code, and the discount will be applied. Please note that discounts do not stack.

    Yes, the gemstones from each supplier have been examined by a gem expert at the Museum of Geology in Kowno. We only started selling them after receiving certificates, and we include a copy of the certificate with each gemstone. As the cost of expert examination is around 25$, we don’t certify each bracelet as it would make the prices unreasonable. However, if we change suppliers in the future or suspect any issues with the gemstone quality, we will promptly react and have them certified again.

    We will pack the shipment within 1-2 business days and send it out, and the delivery time will depend on the courier. After the purchase, you will receive a tracking number for the shipment so you can track where your package is. 

    When placing an order, please provide the exact size of your wrist in centimeters (close to the wrist, otherwise the bracelet may be loose). There are two methods of measurement:

    • Using a regular centimeter (tape measure) – simply wrap it around your wrist the way you want the bracelet to fit.
    • Using a string and a ruler – wrap the string around your wrist and measure its length with a ruler.

    We offer now only Paypal, but you can contact us if you prefer to add another payment option.

    Available contact methods:

    Yes, you can return the bracelet within 30 days without any additional questions, and the elastic band is covered by a 6-month warranty.

    With each bracelet order, we will add two extra stones and an elastic band. String as many stones as you need on the elastic band, then tie them using the five-knot method (similar to tying shoelaces):

    1. The first knot is a single knot (like tying a shoe) and should be tied tightly.
    2. The second knot is also a single knot, but tighter.
    3. The third knot is a double knot (same as a single knot, but with a double loop of the elastic band).
    4. The fourth and fifth knots are also single knots.

    If the tying doesn’t work as expected, send the bracelet back to us – we’ll help you for free.

    All orders are processed online as we work from home and do not have a physical store. However, if you are in a hurry, you can call and inquire about when your order will be processed and shipped.

    The stones are approximately 10mm in size.



    Enjoy balance and beauty together, with a combination of Lava, Rhyolite, Labradorite, and Amazonite gemstones in your new Sagittarius Zodiac Bracelet.

    ♐️ The ninth sign of the zodiac, SAGITTARIUS (THE ARCHER), which runs from 21 November to 21 December, is symbolized by a centaur wielding a bow and arrow. Typically outgoing and upbeat, Sagittarians are extroverts who win the admiration and devotion of everybody they come into touch with. Natives of the sign Sagittarius are dependable, astute, aggressive, and sympathetic. They have exceptional insight, are one of a kind, and are talented.

    ♐️ Amazonite, Rhyolite, Lava, and Labradorite are all included in this Sagittarius bracelet set. The bracelet set accentuated and promoted Sagittarius’ characteristics and personality.

    ♐️ Beads made of lava stone are reputed to have medicinal powers in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Beyond just looking good, employing lava gemstones has advantages. The tight bond the lava stones have with the soil is assumed to cause their stability. Because of the stone’s close ties to the soil, many think lava stone grounds and balances the root chakra. The heart and soul will feel upbeat, secure, and attached to the earth once the root chakra becomes established. The wearer of a lava stone may experience steadiness and a decrease in anxiety because of these grounding properties.

    ♐️ Rhyolites are igneous rocks that develop above the earth’s surface. A greenish primary rock with a pale green to beige, grey, brownish, or reddish patches might include agate-like inclusions. Rhyolite is available in several forms, including rough, tumbling, flattering, pendant, ball, chain, donuts, and various creative choker and leather strap configurations. Rhyolite is the link between the vegetative and conscious neural systems. This should make us aware of the need to balance our physical and mental requirements. Functions perfect on all the bodily organs that the nervous system regulates. Harmonization of digestion, heartbeat, glandular activity, and hormone production, and good for inflammation – all in one.

    ♐️ This unusual rock is utilized to open up spiritual and metaphysical links and to unleash higher mental functions. One is motivated to aim for the heights in their pursuit of greater awareness by labradorite. With the aid of labradorite, one may become the person they want to be and achieve their goals. The most effective shielding agent in the mineral realm is created by labradorite, which also strengthens internal natural energies. It shields us from the negativity and tragedies of this world.

    ♐️ There are purple, gray, green, and bluish tones in Amazonite. It often has a greenish-blue hue. Amazonite is said to reduce stress and promote clarity. Amazonite offers various physical therapeutic advantages and is an excellent tool to improve your spiritual and emotional wellness through crystal healing. Amazonite’s tranquil energies might balance thyroid issues. Amazonite can efficiently aid the body in better absorbing calcium for individuals battling a calcium shortage, restoring your bones’ dreamlike vitality. Also, Amazonite may provide its calming influence to help individuals who suffer from prior trauma move forward. Amazonite can improve the soul’s clarity and authenticity by using intellect and intuition.


    How to wear a Sagittarius Zodiac Bracelet 
    Wearing a Sagittarius zodiac bracelet is a great way to show your astrological pride and connect with your horoscope sign. Here are some tips on how to wear a Sagittarius zodiac bracelet:

    Choose a style that you love: There are many different styles of Sagittarius zodiac bracelets available, so choose one that fits your personal style and taste.
    Wear it on your dominant hand: To maximize the benefits of wearing a Sagittarius zodiac bracelet, wear it on your dominant hand. This is the hand that you use the most, and it is said to be more receptive to the energy of the bracelet.
    Stack it with other bracelets: Sagittarius zodiac bracelets can look great when worn alone, but they also look fantastic when stacked with other bracelets. Experiment with different combinations to create a unique and personalized look.
    Charge the bracelet: Before wearing your Sagittarius zodiac bracelet, it’s a good idea to cleanse and charge it. You can do this by holding it under running water, placing it in the sun or moonlight, or smudging it with sage or palo santo.
    Set an intention: As you put on your Sagittarius zodiac bracelet, set an intention for what you hope to achieve or manifest. This will help you focus your energy and amplify the power of the bracelet.


    Care for a Sagittarius Zodiac Bracelet 

    ▪️ A Sagittarius zodiac bracelet can be a great way to show off your astrological sign and add a touch of personal style to your everyday look.
    ▪️ The Sagittarius zodiac sign is represented by the archer, so you may want to look for a bracelet that features a bow and arrow motif.
    ▪️ You can also choose a bracelet that incorporates the colors associated with the Sagittarius sign, which include blue, purple, and pink.
    ▪️ Consider opting for a bracelet made from materials that are said to be beneficial for Sagittarius individuals, such as lapis lazuli or turquoise.
    ▪️ Some Sagittarius zodiac bracelets may also include birthstones, such as turquoise or topaz, which can add an extra layer of significance and personalization.When caring for your
    ▪️ Sagittarius zodiac bracelet, be sure to clean it regularly to keep it looking its best.
    ▪️ You can use a soft cloth and mild soap to gently wipe away any dirt or grime.
    ▪️ It’s also a good idea to store your bracelet in a safe place when you’re not wearing it, such as a jewelry box or pouch, to prevent damage or tangling.

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