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Unakite crystal benefits

Unakite crystal benefits


The mesmerizing realm of crystal healing is incredibly expansive and intriguing, each radiant gemstone boasting its own set of exclusive healing and spiritual capabilities. One gem that stands out from the crowd is the sublime Unakite crystal, a captivating stone distinguished for its plethora of advantages. Lauded as a visualization stone, it serves to harmonize the spiritual and emotional spheres, facilitating self-progress. It has, therefore, become the preferred choice for many healers and spiritualists.

Chakra: Heart Chakra (Anahata)
Zodiac: Scorpio
Planet: Mars and Venus
Element: Earth and Water
Color: Pink and Green

Metaphysical Properties

  • Provokes personal development
  • Encourages the renewal process
  • Elevates vision and visualization abilities
  • Fosters emotional recovery
  • Propagates patience and tenacity
  • Facilitates the release of previous traumas and negative vibrations

How it Affects the Body?

The Unakite crystal, with its profound aura, is often incorporated into healing regimens for its deep-seated effects on physical health. This exquisite stone is rumored to counteract electromagnetic contamination, thereby bolstering health at the cellular level. Being a nurturing stone, it aids in convalescence and recovery while instilling tenacity and gradual strength. Moreover, Unakite is beneficial for reproductive health and is known to foster healthy pregnancies.


To refresh the energy of the Unakite crystal, consider using sage or palo santo and waft your stone in the smoke, allowing it to fully immerse in the cleanse. Alternatively, you can position it on an Amethyst geode or cluster. Refrain from washing with water as it could deteriorate the stone’s surface over time.


Concluding, the Unakite crystal holds a distinctive position in the crystal healing realm. Its unique green and pink vibes, and awe-inspiring metaphysical properties highlight its importance for personal development and emotional recuperation. Its nurturing qualities positively affect the body, making it a preferred stone for those looking to boost their physical and spiritual health.

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