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Selenite crystal benefits

Selenite crystal benefits


Selenite, a beautiful crystal renowned for its ethereal charm, is a potent spiritual tool, prized for its powerful energy and numerous metaphysical benefits. Closely tied to the Third Eye and Crown chakras, this crystal plays a significant part in spiritual exercises, personal growth, and energy clearing. Being a high-vibration crystal, Selenite takes pride in its ability to purify energy fields, restore equilibrium, and foster peace. The origins of its name can be traced to the Greek term ‘selene’, implying ‘moon’, echoing its radiant and glowing nature.

Chakra: Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)
Zodiac: Taurus
Planet: Moon
Element: Air
Color: White

Metaphysical Properties

  • Energy Purification: Selenite is celebrated for its ability to cleanse and purify the energy in spaces, amongst individuals, and within other crystals.
  • Spiritual Advancement: It facilitates spiritual development, guiding individuals towards higher levels of awareness.
  • Mental Precision and Concentration: Selenite sharpens mental clarity and focus, fostering a deep-seated feeling of inner peace.
  • Shielding: It acts as a protective barrier safeguarding one from negative energies.
  • Emotional Rescue: This crystal promotes emotional equilibrium, effectively dispelling embedded anxieties and offering support during emotionally straining times.

How it interacts with the Body?

The potent energy of Selenite has a significant influence on the body. Offering benefits for both physical and emotional health, it is appreciated for its ability to dissolve blocked energy and foster serenity. Selenite is also thought to restore coherence within the body’s energy flow. Some use it to alleviate physical discomfort and expedite healing and renewal. As a tranquil crystal, Selenite can contribute to improved sleep patterns and heightened emotional health.


Selenite, a self-cleansing crystal, constantly recharges itself. If you wish to cleanse your Selenite energetically, you can use sage or palo santo for smudging. Avoid exposure to water as it’s a mild mineral, and prolonged exposure to water can result in erosion of its surface.


As a final point, whether you’re seeking personal growth, energy purification, or a serene and balanced setting, Selenite offers an abundance of benefits. Its ethereal energy not only revitalizes and recharges the surroundings, but it also provides emotional healing and mental clarity. Whether you’re deep into your spiritual path or a novice on the crystal frontier, Selenite is an absolute must-have to illuminate your spiritual adventure.

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